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Recent Events

Masterclass: The Logical Data Warehouse. November 14th, 2018

A full day in depth masterclass hosted by Rick Van Der Lans to learn about, collaborate and discuss logical data warehousing.

Unifying all your data with a data fabric: The next generation of data delivery systems. November 15th, 2018

SimplicityBI and esteemed data expert Rick van der Lans discuss the latest thinking on why the concept of a data fabric is becoming more important than ever before.

Past Events

The Use Cases of Data Virtualization Technology. May 10th, 2018

A discussion about how data virtualization can be used successfully for implementing numerous types of use cases as well as it's strengths and weaknesses. Additional insight into how some can be integrated into one unified data delivery platform.

Future-Proofing your Data Strategy. November 14th, 2017

Modern data management insights from world leading data experts. Rick van der Lans and SimplicityBI were joined for this lively discussion by Ravi Shankar from Denodo and Robin Peel from Semarchy.

White Papers

Architecting the Multi-Purpose Data Lake with Data Virtualization

Data Virtualization in the Time of Big Data

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Read more +20 November 2018 By Alex Gonzalez in Data Virtualization

Data Virtualization and the Logical Data Lake

Data lakes are setup as large physical storage repositories. Data from all kinds of sources is copied into this repository, which is commonly developed with Hadoop. But is this centralized storage approach really feasible and practical? Additionally, the users of data lakes are data scientists and other investigative users.
Read more +20 June 2018 By webadmin in Data Virtualization

Data Virtualization and Database Migration and Acceleration

Not every organization is happy with the reporting and analytical performance of their data warehouse environment. One customer indicated that some of their online reports take at least ten minutes to complete. Ten minutes is a long time if you have to wait for a report to show up on your screen.
Read more +19 June 2018 By Alex Gonzalez in Data Virtualization

Data Virtualization and the Logical Data warehouse

The classic data warehouse architecture, consisting of a chain databases and ETL processes, has served may organizations well the last twenty-five years; see Figure 1. But is it the still the right architecture?

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