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Unified Data Platforms

Businesses cannot make informed decisions without an organized and central way to manage data. Most data is difficult to access, dispersed throughout the organization, and divided among business units and operational teams in silos. 

By unifying their data, all business units become more efficient, putting information into the hands of the employees that need it to make empowered decisions to plan, budget, forecast, service customers and build products that accelerate growth.

Cloud Data Integration

Data Landscapes are complicated!

Since 2013 we’ve consistently delivered innovative solutions for our clients that save you and your team’s time and money. Simply put our consultants are among the best. With a focus on Agile delivery, we take away the complexity, tailoring solutions that are simple for our clients to use, but not easy for them to deliver without our help.

Master Data Management (MDM)

Data quality is still a huge issue for many companies, but improving data quality can be a costly initiative when it comes to traditional MDM implementations. SimplicityBI believes that Data Virtualization and Master Data Management can work well together. We’ve successfully implemented this very combination and built a set of best practices and patterns specifically for this area:

  • Semarchy MDM and Denodo Data Virtualization
  • Microsoft Master Data Services and Denodo Data Virtualization

Data Lake / DW

The conversation debating the virtues of whether a “data lake vs data warehouse” is the better approach for organizations is just in its infancy, but the key differences in structure, process, users, and overall agility make each model unique. SimplicityBI will help you navigate your company’s needs, developing the right data lake or data warehouse to ensure those needs are met and are instrumental in your company's growth and direction.

Discover just how easy big data can be.

Data Visualization

To create an engaging data story, you need to do more than create basic data visualizations, mashed together in a dashboard. Only after understanding why the information is relevant to your business strategy, do we seek out the best narrative structure. Our design approach framework is the best way to express complex ideas in compelling ways. We have built specialized expertise around the best visualization platforms using a tool-agnostic approach. SimplicityBI brings years of experience to the table on how to best combine the best solutions for your Data Virtualization environment.

Data Analytics

The full suite of features to tap into your data assets When you are ready to find hidden jewels in your data assets. SimplicityBI can help your organization make better-informed decisions by connecting your data and statistics to make them work harder and more efficiently. Our suite of tools helps you get your data into an accessible, structured and integrated form for analysis and application to you your company objectives for growth.


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